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10 February 2022

5 steps of recruitment process by Fit Retail

  Today we are going to talk about recruitment process. Even if it’s formally established or not, all companies have one. In this article, we would like to familiarize you with all steps of recruitment process at Fit Retail !   What’s the Fit Retail recruitment process? At Fit Retail we’ve decided to integrate 5 steps in our recruitment process. Why five? In our opinion, it’s the number of steps necessary to guarantee quality of our recruitments and to allow candidates to have all information to make a decision. However, don’t panic, our process only takes an average of 10 to 15 working days!   Let’s go through different steps together.    

Step 1: the phone pre-qualification ☎️

  This is a call that we set up together beforehand, by email or by SMS. Nothing worse than calling someone unannounced, right? The candidate isn’t ready, not available, in a noisy place or in an environment not conducive to the exchange… So to guarantee quality of our exchange, we plan together a time slot to call each other. This usually takes 15 to 20 minutes.   What we talk about during this exchange? The goal is to remove any “blocking points” may be related to position sought. Therefore, we’ll review several criteria together, such as expectations regarding position, mission, salary, management style, but also mobility, availability for work, and so on. The goal is to ensure the candidate is able to meet requirements of position.   The objective is to provide a quick initial feedback, based on the criteria discussed together, on the consistency between application and position offered.     What’s advantage for the candidate? A saving time: in fact, it allows the candidate to quickly identify criteria which aren’t acceptable, and thus to avoid committing to a recruitment process for a position which not match to his search.   This is the first step of recruitment process at Fit Retail.    

Step 2: the HR interview 🔥

  This is an exchange with a Human Resources person (our Recruiter & HR Officer Manon or our HR Manager Carmel). The objective of this exchange is to be able to discuss with the candidates their background, their expectations, to talk about the position and to present Fit Retail in details.     The advantage for the candidate: to understand Fit Retail’s world, values which are shared there and company’s organization. This first meeting must allow candidates to have a global vision of the organization and its philosophy in order to answer one question: is this an organization which matches with my working way? Will this environment allow me to meet my needs (work pace, management style, professional development, missions, and so on.)?   Once the HR interview completed, we debrief with the team and undertake to give feedback to candidates as soon as possible. Whether this feedback is positive or negative, the candidate will hear from us! Indeed, we attach particular importance to always giving feedback. Nothing worst being left waiting and in doubt. And yes, we have all been candidates at some point.   This is the second step of recruitment process at Fit Retail.    

Step 3: the practical case (except for experienced profiles) ✍️

  This involves carrying out a practical case study of approximately 45 minutes on topics related to the position and the missions according to the job. This practical case is sent by e-mail to the candidate. Of course, we discuss the case with the candidate beforehand to present subject and platform we are using. At any time, it’s possible to ask us questions by text message, phone call or email.   There are no right or wrong answers, the important for us is process, the reflection to come to this solution. This practical case will serve as a basis for discussion during technical meeting (the fourth step).     The aim is not to put our interviewee in difficulty, but just to be able to assess his level and to allow us to adjust and personalize our support to him: by identifying his strengths and areas for improvement, we’re able to support him in his rise in skills at Fit Retail. The advantage for the candidate is that he can practice and obtain an experience to talk about in a technical interview. This is the third step of recruitment process at Fit Retail.    

Step 4: the technical interview ⚒️

  This is an exchange with one of technical managers, related to position sought. The objective of this exchange is for the candidate to discuss more technical part of missions. Indeed, the role of the manager who drives interview, is to give as much visibility as possible on the position. As mentioned above, the manager will debrief with candidate on practical case, and discuss technical skills identified, as well as the candidate’s experience.     The advantage for the candidate is to understand exactly what type of assignments they will carry out and to understand different client contexts. The objective is once again to identify if it’s a position in which candidate can find himself, and in which he will be able to develop and flourish. After this exchange, the manager debriefs with the team who’s driving interviews, to make a decision about application. Then, we do a feedback to the candidate by phone.   This is the fourth step of recruitment process at Fit Retail.    

Step 5: the interview with our CEO, Philippe BLANCHART 🏁

  The objective of this exchange is for Philippe, our CEO, to present short, medium and long-term Fit Retail vision. He’s also responsible for ensuring that all information related to the position has been communicated and that the candidate got all answers to his questions.     This interview allows us to project ourselves and to give candidate a maximum of visibility on his potential adventure at Fit Retail. The advantage for the candidate: This last interview confirms (or not) the candidate in his decision. It’s a good moment to ask last questions, but also to find out if he feels aligned with Fit Retail’s strategy, if he wants to contribute to it and evolve with the company.     This is the fifth and final step of recruitment process at Fit Retail.   Candidate who arrives here has just validated all steps to join our company.   Now, you know everything about our recruitment process, as well as its objectives step by step. We hope that it’s given you a little more information about Fit Retail and our work way.   We have a very complete recruitment process: 5 steps! It can be scary. However, we’re convinced that these are essential steps to mature your thoughts as a candidate and to ensure you make a fully informed choice when deciding to join Fit Retail. Furthermore, interviews 2, 4 and 5 allow candidates to meet their potential future colleagues. These are good opportunities to ask the question: “Do I want to work with these people?   And we almost forgot! If you want to join Fit Retail, it’s important (no, it’s essential) you recognize yourself in our values. We chose these values together in a workshop with all our employees. This is our leitmotif, it’s important if we want to all move forward together in same direction, and in best possible conditions.   There are 4 values: • Conviviality: At Fit Retail, good humour reigns! We adopt a direct and transparent communication, while having very warm exchanges. • Cohesion: At Fit Retail, sharing, exchanging and helping each other are essential. A person who needs to keep to himself and who likes to work alone won’t flourish with us. • Openness: At Fit Retail, adaptability is key word. After all, we’re a company which is constantly changing and evolving. It’s up to you to keep up with the pace: adapting to your environment and new tools and, of course, not being resistant to change. • Expertise: At Fit Retail, learning, training and curiosity are key words to remain experts in our sector.   Want to join the adventure? Discover offers on our website! You can also apply directly via LinkedIn, or simply contact me 👋 Manon VEÏSSE