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At Fit Retail, we are convinced that the digitalization of product design is the future of the fashion and retail sectors, and will enable us to move towards a more sustainable model.

3D is proving to be a major asset in responding to growing concerns about eco-responsibility. By reducing waste throughout the product development cycle, it promotes a more sustainable approach to creation. It helps to shorten development times, minimize the number of prototypes, cut costs and limit dormant stocks of raw materials.

This transition to 3D projects creative processes towards greater fluidity, virtue and agility, while fostering a lasting transformation of practices. It ushers in a new era of creation, where innovation, sustainability and responsiveness combine to shape the future of the sector.

The benefits of 3D

Stimulate creativity
  • Increased creativity for designers
  • Realistic product representation
  • Facilitates collaboration between studio, development, marketing and plants
Promote savings
  • Reducing the number of prototypes in the collection
  • Reducing the collection budget
  • Reduced costs for physical shows/showrooms
Improve customer experience
  • E-shopping experience with 3D
  • Product customization
  • Virtual fitting
Optimize your time-to-market
  • Shorter development times
  • Faster decision-making
  • Reduce the number of physical prototypes and fit-related returns
Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Less transport between suppliers and plants
  • Reducing material consumption
  • Reduced unsold stock and lower inventories

Our approach

Not sure which software to choose? Where to start? Our aim is to advise you on the choice of tools and the prioritization of your ambitions, to support you in the framing of the project, in the projection of new, more virtuous processes, and to lead a sustainable transformation.

An initial diagnosis

Definition of your 3D challenges in the short, medium and long term
Analysis of your current and target business processes
Action plan for implementing 3D in your company

Methodology & organization

Definition of project governance: organization, bodies, management
Support for IT teams in deploying the solution
Software integration
Change management support for business teams

Personalized support

Project and team management
Drawing up test and qualification plans
Project documentation

A dedicated training program

Assessing participants to create homogeneous groups
Creation of customized training programs
Transferring skills to in-house teams
Accompanying change

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