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Fit Retail helps cosmetics brands implement PLM softwares tailored to their needs.

The cosmetics market is evolving at a frenetic pace, characterized by changing trends, rapid production cycles and growing demand for innovative, customized products.

Cosmetics brands face constant pressure to reduce time-to-market while maintaining product quality, regulatory compliance and sustainability.

In addition, the customer experience is becoming a central element. Consumers are looking for immersive online shopping experiences and total transparency on ingredients and manufacturing practices.

The specifics of PLM in cosmetics

Formula management

The cosmetics industry demands meticulous management of formulas. By equipping yourself with a PLM software adapted to your sector, you simplify the management of complex formulas. This includes a detailed treatment of the ingredients used, their precise concentrations, and the specific properties of the cosmetic products.

Packaging management

Packaging design, validation and management are particularly critical in the cosmetics industry. A PLM software enables you to efficiently manage packaging specifications, prototypes, compliance tests and modifications, guaranteeing the integrity and visual appeal of your final products.

Regulatory issues

Certifications and regulatory standards are essential for cosmetics brands, as they guarantee product safety and conformity. With PLM, you can keep a close eye on ever-changing regulations, manage certification processes and ensure that all products comply with current standards. This reduces the risk of product non-compliance.

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