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The retail market is a highly competitive sector. Consumers are increasingly demanding, looking for quality products, a personalized shopping experience and omnichannel availability.

Retailers are faced with the need to offer a varied range of products, manage their inventories and supply chains efficiently, while remaining responsive to market trends and consumer needs.

Innovation and differentiation are essential in the retail sector to stand out from the competition, build customer loyalty and maintain sustainable growth.

PLM software in retail

Supply chain management

PLM offers greater visibility over design, production and distribution processes, which helps companies optimize their operations. Automated workflow and order management help minimize errors and improve overall supply chain performance.

Segmentation by universe and product type

In a particularly diversified retail environment, a good segmentation of the different product universes and typologies is essential. This enables us to maintain a relevant and attractive offering for consumers and their specific needs.

Regulatory compliance monitoring

Particularly regulated, retail products must comply with certain safety, labeling and quality standards. Equipped with PLM software, you can keep a close eye on regulatory requirements, document your compliance processes and ensure the traceability of your products throughout their lifecycle.

Cost control by product

Margins are often low in the retail sector, thus controlling costs per product is crucial to ensuring profitability. A PLM software enables you to analyze production costs, identify optimization opportunities and make informed decisions to maximize profitability.

Multiple suppliers management

In an environment where supplier diversification is commonplace, PLM software facilitates the management of this plurality by centralizing essential information, establishing strategic relationships and ensuring effective collaboration to guarantee product quality and availability.

Inventory and assortment management

PLM offers advanced functionalities for efficient inventory management, demand forecasting, product assortment optimization and minimizing out-of-stock situations. It allows you to respond with agility to changing consumer demands.

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