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Our culture

Our goal at Fit Retail is to provide a different consulting experience for our customers and employees. Every day, we reinvent ourselves to fulfill our commitments.

Our model is one of sustainable, measured growth.
We take our time with every recruitment. We carefully integrate each new employee. We offer support programs to help teams develop their skills.

We advocate strong values shared by the whole team. On a day-to-day basis, we do our best to maintain a friendly atmosphere, where proximity is paramount.

Strong values at the heart of our DNA

Our values were defined with the whole team in 2019 and guide every one of our day-to-day actions: recruitment, career management, bonus systems right or even marketing and sales actions (right through to our office decoration).


Keep abreast of the latest developments in your field, be part of a continuous learning process, and take the time to discover new things.

Team spirit

Demonstrate unity and solidarity, maintain proximity between employees, help and share


Show curiosity, be welcoming, tolerant and open to the diversity of backgrounds and profiles.


Maintain positive professional relationships, communicate transparently, have warm exchanges

Our little extras

Corporate life 🥁

Sports, afterworks, team lunches, in-house or outdoor activities… Our HR team, our CSE and our employees have an overflowing imagination for animating company life. We create links, we share, we exchange… that’s our daily life!

Home office 🏡

We are fully committed to the work-life balance of our teams. With our home office agreement, our employees can claim 3 days of home office per week, with an allowance of up to €470 per year. Of course, this requires the agreement of the customer and/or project needs, but we are committed to ensuring that the whole team can benefit from this way of working.

Proximity management ❤️

We have set up a system of close management in small teams (up to 6 people) to ensure that each employee has a dedicated contact and quality follow-up. This enables each manager to propose the best work organization to his or her team.

Training 🎓

Convinced that training is essential throughout a career, we are now a certified training organization with the creation of the Fit Academy. This status enables us to provide our team with trainings designed by our internal trainers, experts in their fields.

Our CSR commitments

CSR commitments are part of our DNA. Since our creation, we have been committed to preserving the well-being of our employees, offering an excellent quality of life at work, working for our planet and demonstrating inclusion at every level.

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Inclusion 🙌

We are part of the "Invest in Digital People" program. This is an initiative run by Pôle Emploi to offer jobseekers a successful retraining in the IT sector.

Responsible purchasing 🛒

We take great care in selecting suppliers, taking into account their local roots and environmental impact.

Ecology 🌱

We work daily to encourage the use of green modes of transport (bicycle allowance, 100% public transport reimbursement).

Our key figures


offices in Lille, Paris & Munich


passionate employees in France and Europe


proximity managers


million euros in sales in 2023

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