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14 June 2023

Philippe BLANCHART, current CEO, becomes sole shareholder of Fit Retail

Now it’s official. Since May 2023, Philippe BLANCHART has taken over 100% control of the company, becoming its sole shareholder. This acquisition, which coincides with our 5th anniversary, marks the opening of a new chapter for Fit Retail.

In May 2018, Fit Retail was launched as a subsidiary of the Neosoft Group, the majority shareholder at the time. The mutual objective of the two entities was to pool the resources and expertise of the Néosoft group. The aim was to support Fit Retail’s growth, while enabling Néosoft to diversify its expertise.


Over the years, Fit Retail has become a recognized player in consulting for the fashion and luxury sectors . We have even extended our activities beyond national borders. We have set up a subsidiary in Germany to better serve our customers in Central Europe. Since 2018, Fit Retail has therefore created an independent subsidiary, with its own internal organization, teams and policies.


At the end of 2021, we and Neosoft realized that the synergies initially planned between the two structures were limited. Our respective strategies would not allow us to achieve our objectives.


By mutual agreement, we decided that Néosoft would withdraw from Fit Retail’s capital. It was agreed that all shares in the company would be acquired by our current CEO, Philippe BLANCHART.. The sale was finalized on May 9, 2023, making Philippe BLANCHART Fit Retail’s sole shareholder.

I would like to thank Soïg Le Bruchec and Samuel Lepeltier for having supported the Fit Retail project since 2018 and for enabling us today to become independent and pursue our development.


Similarly, Stefan OPITZ, Managing Director of Fit Retail GmbH, has become the sole shareholder of the German subsidiary.

These takeovers are transparent for our customers, partners and suppliers. Fit Retail had already been operating as an independent subsidiary since its creation. Few administrative changes are expected. However, there is no impact on our commercial offer or our organization.

Internally, the transition is also going smoothly. The organization and management model remain unchanged. Over the past two years, we have been investing in new tools and software to meet our specific needs, and these projects are continuing. We are also keeping our current sites in Marcq-en-Barœul and Paris.

  Photos of the kitchen and open space at Fit Retail in Marcq-en-Baroeul  

This acquisition is also a fantastic opportunity to rethink our organization and business model,” adds Philippe Blanchart. ” In the short term, we will be working on communication between our French and German entities to strengthen our European foothold and develop our expertise more widely. We are also stepping up our own digitalization.


In the years to come, we intend to pursue our strategy of creating new areas of expertise to meet our customers’ needs. We will also be exploring new markets where our skills in digitizing product development could make sense.

Overall, our new independence enables us to secure Fit Retail’s future and look to the future with serenity and ambition, while remaining true to our values, concludes Philippe Blanchart.