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23 March 2023

Fit retail becomes a training organization, with Qualiopi certification

Fit Retail officially becomes a training organization. Through its professional training offer for luxury, ready-to-wear and retail brands, Fit Retail reinforces its position as a privileged partner, to accompany the digital transformation of companies. We offer tailor-made training programs dedicated to the fashion industry, to guarantee the skill improvement of your product and IT teams.

Discover our Fit Academy now!

Why the Fit Academy?

The digitalization of companies is well on the way, yet many of them are confronted with major obstacles: resistance to change, lack of skills and internal resources, lack of budget… In the Fashion, Luxury & Retail sectors, digital innovation challenges professionals: after the revolution brought by PLM softwares, it is now the creation and development processes of a product that are turned upside down using 2D and 3D technologies.

Through our clients’ projects, we have noted a generation gap for the introduction of new technologies. While the “digital native” generation adopts new tools easily, it is trickier for a majority of professionals working today. This is particularly true in sectors where “know-how” has an ancestral place in the work process, unlike digital, which is often far from being perceived as complementary.

Our clients are also faced with major challenges (Big Quit & Skill Gap) that put operational and HR teams to the test: how to lead shifting teams towards an optimal use of all tools?

We are convinced that training is an essential performance lever to:

• Maintain the right level of skills in the face of market changes • Accompany users through organizational changes with pedagogy • Maintain the motivation of the teams by allowing them to be well-equipped • Guarantee the company’s performance by reinforcing the level of internal skills.

And it is with these ambitions in mind that we have launched our professional training offer: the Fit Academy.

Concretely, what is the Fit Academy?

The Fit Academy includes:

– Our external training offer, aimed at our customers, to support the deployment of their solutions (PLM, 2D, 3D tools…) and the increase in skills of their teams,

– Our internal training offer, aimed at our teams, to guarantee their onboarding and the development of their skills throughout their life in the company.

This project has resulted in two major actions:

• Obtaining the Qualiopi certification, which allows our clients in France to finance training via specific budgets from their OPCO (French government-based training fund for companies),

• The implementation of new internal roles dedicated to training:

– Alexandra BUOR is now the Training Coordinator for Design & 3D trainings,

– Emmanuel GELLE has taken on the position of Training Coordinator for PLM training,

– Carmel MC DONALD oversees Quality and Disability.

What training do we offer our customers?

For our customers, we offer totally customized in-company training on two main subjects:

Centric PLM Software: from getting started with the software, to training level 1 support teams, to coaching your key users, our trainers create training courses adapted to your product development processes and the skill level of your teams.

Trade-specific training: creating a technical data sheet with Illustrator, implementing 3D for product creation, perfecting 2D/3D practices… Our team of design & 3D trainers takes your employees to a new way of designing products.

To best suit our clients, learners can follow the training modules in person at one of our training centers, at our clients’ sites or remotely.

Who can benefit from our training courses?

Our training courses are designed for professionals in the fashion, luxury and retail industries. Our experts can support your product teams as well as your IT teams. In general, we intervene in the following contexts:

• During the deployment of a new tool (PLM, 2D/3D design) • Following the redesign of product development processes • In a difficult human context (important team turnover, resistance to change, team demotivation…) • To professionalize your practices and develop the productivity of your teams.

Our training courses can be adapted to all audiences and to the specific needs of people with disabilities. Do not hesitate to contact me for more information:

Who are our trainers?

Our trainers are our experienced consultants (solution experts) who have been trained to become “Trainers”. Training is a profession in itself. You have to learn the ropes for creating content, leading training sessions or managing a group of learners. This is why we have created an internal training program called “Become a trainer”, to offer new career opportunities to our consultants.

Want to know more?

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