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14 April 2021

How can the PLM support the CSR challenges of the fashion industry?

Since 2018, Fit Retail helps ready-to-wear, Luxury, Accessories, Underwear & Sportswear brands in their digital transformation. Issues related to CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) have always been at the heart of the Fashion Industry’s and are becoming more and more prevalent since the crisis related to COVID or other business (forced labor of Uighurs, etc.)

Fit Retail x Pando, a meeting

Laure Galland, Chief Offer Officer and PLM expert, interested in the technology provider of its CSR initiatives:

      – What digital solutions can support these CSR strategies?

      – Do we need a new specific tool?

      – How and where centralize data?

Many questions that Laure try to answer since a few months. If there is no easy answer for this question, there is some possible answers. We decide to make a webinar only about this subject, this Thursday, April 15. This webinar is in collaboration with Laëtitia HUGE, eco-responsible consultant and founder of Pando.

CSR approaches are not just about sourcing “organic” materials and are part of a profound transformation of a company practices and mentalities. It is to better understand these issues and the requirements of this type of project, that we meet Laëtitia.

It is after 25 years in fashion on different positions and responsibilities (Director of Purchasing, Collections, Supply Chain, VP products at a publisher, etc.), that Laëtitia HUGE wanted go on the entrepreneurial adventure by creating Pando with her partner Stéphane PIOT.

Pando is a consulting firm who follow and helps fashion industry to move towards a sustainable approach. It is also and above the story of two passionate people committed to creating a more virtuous fashion and united around 3 values: “optimism, respect, transmission”.

A collaboration around a webinar

Animate by the same determination to upgrade the fashion industry, Fit Retail and Pando are now working together to deliver an informative webinar. The goal is always to bring together the players of the Fashion, to allow them to meet, to inform themselves and to have solutions to meet their business challenges.

We hope to see you Thursday, April 15 for 45 minutes of information and quality.