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8 December 2022

The job of a technical-functional consultant explained by Stéphane

Our series of articles about Fit Retail jobs continues! I’m sure you’ve been waiting for this new episode to come out? Then it’s time to meet Stéphane, a confirmed Technical-Functional Consultant at Fit Retail.




Stéphane is from Lille and has two passions in life: children and …*unbearable suspense*… computer science! That’s why he naturally starts his career as an activity leader in summer camps and recreation centers. At the same time, Stéphane continues his studies at the IUFM *French University Institute of Teacher Training, It looks good, doesn’t it? 😎* in biology and geology to become a school teacher. Unfortunately, he doesn’t pass the exam and decides to turn to his second passion: computer science.


After obtaining a DUT in computer science, he joins the IT department of the Ministry of the Armed Forces *Allons enfants de la Patriiiiiiieeee…* For 8 years, he holds various positions and evolves to the responsibilities of IT Project Manager. He pilots all the IT projects (ERP, security) and manages a team of 6 people.


And because Stéphane likes challenges, he goes back to school and obtains an engineering degree from the CNAM (and all this at the same time as his position at the French Ministry of the Army *Respect*). He has the opportunity to do an internship at CGI and continues the adventure on a permanent contract as a Technical-Functional Consultant in the Defense, Security and Interior sector. During 3 years, he deploys a variety of tools for impoundment management, asset management, archiving, cyber-defense management, etc…


He then joins OAK branch, a company specialized in anti-fraud investigation and fight. His role: to introduce project management and to deploy project management and ticketing tools within the structure. Unfortunately, the adventure ends due to COVID-related financial issues, and he  is hired by the city of Paris a few months later as an HRIS Project Manager.


After some time spent traveling back and forth between Paris and Lille, Stéphane decides to go back to Lille *elected best city in France by ourselves* and joins the Fit Retail team, as a confirmed Technical-Functional Consultant. Since then, they lived happily ever afterand had many PLM projects…

  🔎 WHAT DOES A TECHNICAL-FUNCTIONAL CONSULTANT DO AT FIT RETAIL?   Today his missions are divided as follows:    

💻 30% on migration for a customer:

– Upgrading of the editor software and specific developments

– Installation and data migration


🚀 30% on customer developments, mainly related to interfaces (import of supplier quotes, SKUs, export of products, colors, sizes, materials, prices, reports, etc.)


📊 30% dedicated to data loading: implementation of mass data with Bulk load through Native Importer


🔍 5% on internal missions for Fit Retail:

– Deployment of tools

– Securing and implementing best practices from ISO standards and ANSSI ’(French National Agency for the Security of Information Systems)


🆘 5% on support dedicated to a customer:

– Support for new employees in their skills development

– TMA n°2 and n°3, examples: adding a user to the PLM; assigning the good rights to the right people; managing incidents, data problems, program anomalies and synchronization problems between the client’s ERP and the PLM.


He also works on specific tools such as Centric, FlexPLM and Lectra.


– Going beyond the technical aspects and providing advice on the functional side,

– Being operational and continuing to “get his hands in the code”,

– Communicating with all the actors of the project (internal developers and/or service providers, customers / key users, …)

– Starting from the user’s needs and going all the way to the tests

– Proximity with the team.




– Likes the technical and the functional aspects. In terms of career, many technical-functional profiles come from the technical side. Indeed, it’s often easier for a technical profile to understand the business aspects than the opposite.

– Has knowledge of JavaScript and SQL languages

– Has an affinity for the retail business.

  You’d like to talk with Stéphane to find out more about his missions and his daily life? Contact him 📲📲📲 And if you want to discover the PLM technical consultant job, discover Maxime’s article!