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2 November 2022

The PLM Technical Consultant job told by Maxime

We must admit that understanding the job of a PLM Technical Consultant isn’t an easy task!So, to take the mystery out of our activity and the different jobs that exist at Fit Retail, we’ve decided to launch a series of articles about our collaborators. The goal: to familiarize you (or even project you) with our company and our amazing team 😍     We start our series of articles today with Maxime, PLM Software Consultant since 2018.   🔙 WHAT CAREER PATH TO BECOME A TECHNICAL CONSULTANT AT FIT RETAIL?   Maxime has a “classic” background: Scientifific baccalaureate, DUT in computer science, Engineering degree in computer science. Why did he choose IT? He doesn’t really know! It was a coincidence, but 20 years later, he still thrives in this field.   Maxime has started his professional career at Unilog (acomputer service company based in Amiens) as an Analyst-Developer on a TMA project. He was managing evolutions, corrections, and data extractions on the Graphtalk AIA tool for different life insurance companies.   5 years later, he decided to come back to his home region, the North of France. He joined the Data Marketing agency ETO Publicis, where he worked for various clientsin the luxury, ready-to-wear and automotive industries, and on applications such as CRM platforms or marketing campaign management tools. Technically, he was able to develop skills in Microsoft .NET, SQL Server, various ETL (SSIS, ODI and Stambia) and Adobe Campaign. Then, he crossed Fit Retail’s path and decided to join us (heart with fingers). Maxime arrived as a Technical Consultant and quickly became the Expert who saves our customers and his colleagues from important technical issues.   🔎 WHAT DOES A TECHNICAL CONSULTANT DO AT FIT RETAIL?     Today his missions are divided as following:   💻 80% development: delivery of developments in the environments until the production launch – 65%: interfacing, data import/export, data exchange flows – 35%: integration, setup, advanced configuration on the Centric PLM software Examples: – Adapting PLM softwares to the customer’s business processes – Enriching the data presentation – Adding data controls – Automating actions – Analyzing and optimizing processing times.   💼 15% customer-oriented: need gathering, accompaniment to the technical need specifications.   🎓 5% as a trainer of new collaborators on Centric PLM software, on navigation, advanced configuration, and data import/export, but also on Transact-SQL language, with specific coaching of collaborators on their developments under SQL Server.   ☕ A TYPICAL DAY FOR MAXIME     🛠️ TOOLS AND LANGUAGES HE MASTERS     ❤️ WHAT HE LIKES IN HIS JOB   – To help and bring expertise to the customer, to find solutions to the different technical problems. – To make the solution evolve in relation to different themes as eco-sustainability and CSR, which require integrating these notions into the PLM. Example: indicating the products origin, the biological materials or the dangerous substances. – To constantly discover new things about different jobs in the textile and retail sectors. – To progress in SQL and the various Java technologies.   🎯 HIS VISION OF THE IDEAL CANDIDATE   – Enjoys IT development – Enjoys working in a team – Accepts the diversity of profiles, backgrounds, and skills – Is tolerant and open-minded – Is open to others and doesn’t hesitate to ask for help.   Would you like to talk with Maxime to find out more about his missions and his daily life? Contact him 📲📲📲