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15 October 2020

Fit Retail and Vizoo engaged in a partnership

We are glad to make real a partnership with Vizoo, leading provider for material digitization technology in high resolution, and which propose to buy scans and a service of scan on-demand. Focus on the stakes of our collaboration.

Guiding brand designer teams in their digital transformation is one of our service. We help in the choice of the solution to integrate it within the IT system, then making sure it is adopted by the teams. We are present on each step to ensure a successful project. Providing easy access to technology for our clients to ensure their business and professional performance is one of our ambition.


In each digital process step, we suggest to our clients the best high-performance solutions for them. Therefore, we follow a constant technology watch, we test the tools, we train our experts and set up benchmarks.


The partnership we build with market solutions leaders feeds our technology watch and facilitate project set up for our clients. To offer quality service, we built partnership with editors that suggest innovative solutions. These partnerships allow us to be informed on latest update on the market.


It is within the 3D world that Fit Retail and Vizoo have become partners.

Credit by Vizoo

Fit Retail and Vizoo, an obvious collaboration

Adopting 3D technology has become a major stake for our clients: Reduction in time to market, carbon footprint, and collection development… 3D is present on several steps in product development: Collection inspiration, virtual prototype, virtual showroom, product presentation on e-commerce, etc. Physical or virtual collection generally starts with the choice of material.

Fabric virtual rendering is essential in the use of 3D. Virtual fabric must reflect reality (in terms of drop, thickness, movement, reflection of light…). The quality of digitalization of a fabric offers a collection the possibility to become digital. We found existing solutions on the market which can be classified in 3 categories:

– Scanner to purchase

– Ready to use digital fabric

– Fabric Digitalisation provider

In this context we met Vizoo teams to discover their solution. Its technology considers the colours, the structure and light reflection to bring virtual fabric close to reality. Their solution needs to be completed with a fabric analyzer provided by 3D simulation editors.

Their solution is compatible with most of the 3D simulation softwares, which actively participate to the creation of fabric virtual libraries.


Credit by Vizoo


So it was obvious our teams could bring to each other complementarity and new work perspectives. Thank you to the Vizoo team for its confidence.

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