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7 October 2019

Sophie, an expert and passionate designer tells us about her partnership with Fit Retail !

Sophie Le Goff worked with our teams on a collectioning project. We asked her how the partnership went and she agreed to give us a feedback about work and training we were able to offer her.

Could you introduce yourself and tell us about your professionnal background please ?

My name is Sophie Le Goff, I am a senior designer and passionate by my job for 20 years. After applied arts studies and then fashion design at the Duperré school in Paris, I worked as a designer in several companies and for various brand ranges such as Les Galeries Lafayette, Victoire or Caroll. Then, I took the management of the Maison 123 design office at Etam group.

Could you tell us about your partnership with Fit Retail on the 3D ?

After many years of work in the fashion industry with continuous collections, I wanted to take a break and question my work habits. Today, fashion industry goes through major transformations. Our methods need to change and adapt to these transformations.

I wanted to go deeper in graphic design tools, an area in which I had fallen behind. While enquiring on the different training courses, a former collegue strongly advised me to contact Fit Retail. So, I met Daté Tetegan and the team, and through our meetings, we realized we had very complementary business expertises. Therefore, we decided to start a partnership on a collectioning project by using all graphic design tools, including 3D.

Have you seen the 3D results ? What do you think about it ?

I could see my sketches become live in 3D, it’s awesome ! It allows to vizualize cleary the clothing before the prototype launch. We can also change the design or measurements, and therefore reduce the number of prototypes.

We gain in efficiency and precision. In addition to cost reduction and time develoment, the 3D mock-up is a very relevant support for meetings since it shows new models in real time. It’s a revolutionnary tool which will quickly develop in fashion industry.

You took an Adobe Illustrator training with Nathalie Chavanne, how was it ?

I was completly novice on this software but I wanted to get started for a long time. Nathalie trained me during two days. She showed me the software basics and the vector. We were quickly able to develop some accurate technical drawings.

My main objective was to be able to realize my technical sheets with Illustrator, which I had always done manually. We often use a software by habit while another might be more adapted. The training also allowed me to better understand the specitifities of each of them.

What are the improvements that the training has brought to your work habit?

Illustrator is a software which requires a lot of practice. Mastering vector drawing takes time and I have to practice more but I discovered the basics. Now, I have to introduce it to my work habits.

I also discovered Bridge, an Adobe software which is rarely used in design offices but really usefull to rank and organize our numerous folders of images. The training also allowed me to understand which software to use for each step of a collection design.

To what extend would you recommend this training?

I strongly recommend the Fit Retail training ! I worked with professionnals who perfectly understand constraints of work in fashion industry and design. I had a tailor-made training which specifically respond to my needs as a designer. I realized how much time and efficiency I could gain by using those tools appropriately.

I have been resistant to vector drawing because I have always loved drawing by hand. The idea isn’t a computer replacing hand sketches, on the contrary it completes and enhances it. I wanted to keep exploring and optimize the softwares use. It helped me to start. Now, it’s my turn to practice !

A great thanks to Sophie for her feedback and to the teams who had worked on this project !

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