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9 March 2021

Browzwear, 3D Apparel Solutions and Fit Retail become partners!

Fit Retail has just signed a new partnership with Browzwear, Pioneer of 3D apparel solutions.

Just like our customers, we wish to work towards building a more sustainable fashion industry. Every day, we work with European companies in the fashion industry to redesign product development processes to meet numerous challenges (economic, ecological and societal).

We believe that the digitalization of product design is a strong lever for transforming the fashion sector towards a more sustainable model: fewer samples, on-demand production to limit stocks and unsold items, agility to consider consumer aspirations. Therefore, we are forging lasting partnerships and developing our expertise with the main 3D players to support our customers  throughout their transformation journey, and we are pleased to announce our partnership with Browzwear.

Contributing to the digital transformation of the fashion industry also means supporting and training our clients’ teams. Therefore, this partnership also includes an educational component with La Fabrique, the French school of fashion and decoration professions of the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Browzwear provides its 3D solution, VStitcher, La Fabrique its infrastructure and pedagogical know-how, while Browzwear certified Fit Retail consultants provide short and concise 3D training courses (between 4 to 8 days). These training courses are eligible for inclusion in the company’s training budget.


Credit by Browzwear

Browzwear’s Story 

Browzwear has been pioneering innovative digital apparel solutions since 2000, collaborating with some of the world’s most influential fashion brands, including the sportswear industry. Today, Browzwear’s solution has been widely adopted across the apparel industry, enabling many of their clients to embark on their digital transformation journeys. Their 3D design solution VStitcher is key to a successful digital product life cycle from end-to-end, ultimately creating a more sustainable and efficient fashion industry. With true-to-life garment simulation, you are sure you get what you see. Thus, by designing and developing better, you can produce faster.

About the Fabrique School

La Fabrique – School of Fashion and Decoration Trades based in Paris- created in 2013, is the result of the merger of ESIV, Ateliers Grégoire and Ateliers d’Étalage. Since then, it has been offering initial and continuing training for young people, employees, and companies on a variety of themes: fashion & clothing, product development, visual merchandising, leather goods, interior design.