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Implementing 3D at Petit Bateau

Présentation 👋

With their factories and suppliers mobilized to make masks during the covid/confinement period, Petit Bateau found itself unable to produce new collector’s items. To compensate for this sudden halt, the ready-to-wear brand turned to 3D tools and called on Fit Retail to help them create their virtual collection.

Le challenge à résoudre 🤔

  • Need support to develop a new process with implementation of 3D tools in their IT ecosystem (existing internal tools)
  • Change management support for adoption of new product development process
  • Need to train teams on 3D software, taking into account the new process

Expertises 💡

  • 3D
  • Change Management
  • Training

La réponse apportée

Nos objectifs 🎯

Define a workflow that takes into account business and functional requirements
Each department should familiarize itself with the new workflow, and take control of the tool according to its tasks and the new process.

Nos actions 💥

  • Conduct an audit to gain a better understanding of the general internal organization and propose a new process integrating 3D.
  • Creation and delivery of customized training for each department (stylists, pattern makers)
  • Implement a global approach that takes into account the entire 3D ecosystem and the customer’s infrastructure (PLM, Adobe, etc.).

Les bénéfices ✅

Following the success of the presentation of their first virtual collection, Petit Bateau’s teams were quickly convinced of the benefits of 3D, and decided to continue in this direction with a larger-scale deployment.

Today, Petit Bateau uses 3D on almost all their collections.

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