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11 February 2020

Fit Retail exports its expertise all around the world!

Fabrice Pierre, Mohamed Ettaoussi

Our expertise is exported: Feedback of the international beginning of the year.

Our vocation is to support our clients in the deployment of digital solutions around the data’s product (as a PLM, a PIM, ERP…). But the tool isn’t the guaranty of successes: the best tool in the world without a training and best practices is totally useless. We are often asked to help our clients to assume both the functional and the technical questions. Our purpose is to train them the best practices using the different tools.

Feedback of the adventure of Fabrice & Mohamed, who were “expatriated” the time of one mission.

Mission 1 – Support the functional Team on Centric PLM at Gdansk (Poland)

 Fabrice realized a 4 days training for a PLM support team. The goal was to give the team (composed with 4 seniors techno-functional people), more autonomy and skills with the PLM Centric.

The training was planned with two parts:

     •  The first was a general presentation of all the PLM Centric functionalities and the specific configuration,

     •  The second step consisted on showing the administration capabilities of the tool (for the level 1).

Of course, during this training, lots of practical exercises were realized: Merchandising plan, creation of colors, creation of materials, plan of products tests, product development, calendar, etc.

It was a professional and personal experience, as Fabrice said: “I appreciated so much: -to meet new people, -discover a new country and -collaborate with the team to prepare and delivery of this training. This experience improved my wish to travel and work on international projects”.


Mission 2 – Technical training of Centric PLM in Moscow (Russia)

Mohamed was mandated to give a 5 days technical training in Moscow, Russia. The main goal of this training was to empower the local users with the configuration and the use of the Centric PLM. This training consisted of two major parts:

    •   First, to demonstrate the full potential of the PLM, then to approach more specific concepts including the Hierarchy and Business Objects, and the navigation between the different parts of the PLM.

     •   Second, to train the local users in configuring advanced features of the PLM, and hence gain in autonomy in the daily requested tasks.

The adopted methodology for this training was based on the classical approach: the basic theory, a live demonstration and lots of exercises to practice and gain in autonomy.

Feedback from Mohamed about this experience: “I would say that it was an enriching experience, one that makes you grow and allows you to learn a lot on both human and professional levels. What I especially appreciated was the kindness of the Russians I met during my stay in Moscow, whether in the street or at the client’s place”.

For more information, please contact Philippe BLANCHART.